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Eat Well, Feel Good, Enjoy Life

Nutrition is a lifestyle, it's about finding the right balance.

The Balancing Act

Ready to learn how to enjoy food and meet your health goals?  I'm a Registered Dietitian who won't put you on some sort of temporary, painful diet.  My goal is to teach you how to make a nutrition regimen last throughout your life, not just one week or one month.


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Services Tailored to Your Lifestyle.




Between fad diets, food trends, and gimmicks you may be wondering what to eat.  I will give you realistic suggestions if you're interested in losing, maintaining or gaining weight.  From healthy snacks, to dining out, to modifying recipes and cooking, I'll teach the dos and don'ts of it all! Let's Connect!


Basic Nutrition                                 Weight Loss

Diabetes Management                    Grocery Store Guidance

About Lynn


Lynn Polmanteer, MS, RD, CDE is an Insulin Pump Trainer and a Nutritionist in San Francisco, CA.  Lynn’s passion for nutrition is deeply rooted in her commitment to public health and personal improvement. [Read More]

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