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I participated in many sports during my early childhood.  From water skiing, playing soccer, running track, and dancing, I enjoyed all types of activity.  I was a freshman in high school when I injured my knee playing basketball.  I spent the year recovering from two knee surgeries; physical therapy became my second home.  My trainer suggested I join the swim team to help with rehabilitation.  A friend of mine taught me how to swim competitively before my sophomore year.  I joined the team and quickly discovered that my swim coach was very much into nutrition.  He told the team we couldn't drink soda as it has empty calories. 

Instead of throwing a fit, I asked him to explain what an empty calorie was.  Between avoiding sugary drinks and carbohydrate loading at pasta parties before big swim meets, I was fascinated how food can fuel or harm your body.  I ended up getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition.  After working in NYC for several years as a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitian at New York Methodist Hospital, The Friedman Diabetes Instutitue, and Alliance Nursing, I relocated to San Francisco in 2015.  I am currently an Insulin Pump Trainer.   I have served as a nutrition expert for media outlets including CBS, Daily News, and Sirius XM radio. 

In my free time I enjoy running, swimming, biking and urban exploring.  From running half marathons, to a 30 mile Tour de Cure bike ride, and a sprint triathlon, physical activity is my passion.  I also like cooking, especially when it’s trying a new ethnic recipe for my dinner club.  I practice what I preach to my patients.  I focus on the fact that eating and exercising can make you feel better, and that little bit of chocolate is okay in moderation.


What my clients are saying.

"Nutrition, weight loss, and fitness are important goals for me and I feel very lucky to have found Lynn.  Lynn is not merely a good nutritionist, but she understands food in the context of psychology & lifestyle.  She is patient and has common sense and is always encouraging me.  Lynn brightens my chaotic day and helps me attend to my health goals.  She is one of the people in my life who make me optimistic about the future."

- Jon G. (from Brooklyn)

"I love eating, fine dining, and enjoying a glass of wine or two.  Lynn has never tried to put me on some sort of dreadful diet.  She has taught me what to order when dining out as she knows I do this quite often for business and pleasure."

- Josh D. (Greenwich)


"I have been working with Lynn for the past year.  She has taught me how to snack wisely and has given me great cooking tips.  She is kind, compassionate, intelligent and motivating."

- Lorraine S. (from Manhattan)

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